A Discussion of the ACA’s Provider Mergers and Hospital Pricing

Note from the Digital Editor: In order to highlight the high-level of research and scholarship from the authors who have published in the William & Mary Policy Review’s peer-reviewed print journal, we have reproduced the abstracts from Volume 6, Issue 2 along with a link to an electronic copy of the full form of the piece. 

In her article “The ACA, Provider Mergers and Hospital Pricing: Experimenting with Lower Cost Health Insurance Options,” Professor Susan Channick of the California Western School of Law explores whether the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and a rise in health provider mergers have led to an increase in prices in the commercial health insurance market. The timeliness and importance of this topic led the editorial board of the William & Mary Policy Review to organize a panel that brought together experts in health care policy. They discussed the landscape of health care policy in the United States following the implementation of the ACA, as well as the pricing issues raised by Professor Channick in her article. The panel featured two speakers: Dr. Jennifer M. Mellor, Professor of Economics and Director of the Schroeder Center for Health Policy at the College of William & Mary and Ms. Claire Winiarek, the Disability Policy Engagement Director at Anthem, Inc. Both speakers agreed to offer comments on the article, which are included below. Following their comments, select questions from the symposium were included in a verbatim transcription. The Policy Review hopes this panel will contribute to ongoing conversation about changes in the field of health policy. We would like to thank Professor Channick for her inspiring article, Dr. Mellor and Ms. Winiarek for their participation on the panel, and the Public Policy Program at the College of William & Mary for its support. All views expressed in these comments are those of the respective individual, and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Policy Review or the College of William & Mary Public Policy Program.

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